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Rebecca, The Roaring Forties, 2008

"Rebecca" is the third doll in a series of dolls which interpret the theme of "Named Winds". The Roaring Forties was the name given to region around 40S Latitude by sailors circumnavigating the oceans. So named due to its favorable winds, now called Trade Winds. Rebecca glories in the winds which stir her dress as she stands on the rocks above the ocean staring up at the night sky.

"Rebecca" is a custom, 18" tall soft-sculptured, cloth doll with wire armature and wooden stand. She has been displayed at The Quilter's Heritage Celebration 2007 quilt show in Lancaster, PA, and in The Celebration of the Doll exhibit 2007 in Houston, TX. 

Available for purchase on Etsy.

Rebecca, © 2007