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2 n(as in the exponential series, 2 to the n) © 2005

2n is another experimental quilt, this one designed for the Stretching Art and Tradition 2005 challenge. It consists of 8, double-sided, mini quilts, and 8 painted canvases in a 4x4 grid. The mini quilts are machine-pieced, machine-quilted, and hand-beaded. Copper mesh and gold foil have been applied to some of the mini quilts. They are bound with Japanese tissue paper, painted and stamped. The canvases are painted with acrylic paint and stamped with hand-carved rubber stamps. The quilts and canvases are attached with monofilament, painted washers and copper beads.

This quilt is a visual exploration of the computer. The quilting and beading mirror computer motherboard designs.

Held in the artist's private collection

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